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    Block "A" Emerald Business Park
    N0. 30 The Chase
    P.O. Box MP843
    Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Telephone +263 4 333032 Fax: +263 4 333041 Toll Free Number: 0800 4303


Vision : A World Class, fair and competitive regulatory environment with universal communications services throughout Zimbabwe by 2020

Licensing Procedure2

Dealer Application Form  PDF

Dealer Specficications and License Requirements PDF

Dealer  Specifications and License Requirements PDF

Licensee Register2

Abundant Technical Engineering P/L
 4 Ambassador Road,Chisipite,Harare RAD 011
 2 Aphetech Enterprises t/a Commtech  Shop No.2 Sam Nujoma St /K.Kaunda Ave or Box CY1826,Causeway RAD094
 3 Bulawayo Radio Agents  2C Prospect Avenue, Railton,Bulawayo RAD051
4 Commaf Holdings P/L  P O Box 1082,Harare PABX 049
 5 Communication Systems Of Zimbabwe  1574 Alpes Road,Hatcliff,Harare RAD 076
 6 Compucare Services P.B.C  6 Braemar Court,Bath Road, Avondale RAD088
 7 Electra-Tech P/L  3 Fernhill Road,Bvumba,Mutare RAD 013
 8 Coursetech Trading P/L  P O Box AY 185,Amby/42 Amby Drive,Greendale,Harare RAD 030
 9 Dimension Data Zimbabwe  22 Anton Drive,Msasa PABX 040

Dos Santos


 3 Cowden Close,Chisipite,Harare RAD 044
 11 Elliostrom Investments P/L  42 Van Praagh, Milton Park,Harare PABX 080
 12 Epmmat Communications Electronics  170 Kwame Nkrumah Ave,Hre PABX 016
 13 Ericom Communications P/L  No.1 Boshof Drive,Graniteside,Harare PABX 048
 14 Frank Reynolds Installations  P O Box 8164, Bulawayo RAD 038
15 Genesis Office Systems P/L  P O Box CH 427,Chisipite,Harare RAD 046
 16 Gerber Industrial & Marine Centre P/L  P O Box 1630,Harare RAD 079
 17 Hamoga Communications  9 St Georges Flats Herbert Chitepo Cnr 7th St,Hre PABX 017
 18 Highwel Computers t/a Bsat  6 Manica Center,Mutare/P O Box 46, Mutare RAD095
 19 Instalite Contracting  116 Fife Street,Bulawayo RAD 062
 20 Inter-Electronics P/L  Suite 14 1st Floor Sao Paulo Court,Harare PABX 083
 21 Jotma Communications  P O Box CY 134,Causeway,Harare/113 Samora Machel Ave,Hre PABX 054
 22 Lighter World Sales P/L  P O Box CY 2542,Causeway,Harare RAD 021
 23 Kalchab Investment Pvt Ltd  9 Carrisbrooke Rd,Eastlea,Harare RAD093
 24 Kaycomms  176 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare RAD 045
25 Leighfield P/L  58 Hillside Road,Hillside,Harare RAD 023

Localavida Investments

t/a Telnet Business Systems

7 Chelmsford   Road,Belgravia,Harare /

P O Box HR8125,Harare

 27 Macrocomm  Unit 5,St James Building,Borgward Road,Msasa RAD 001

Memortech Zimbabwe


 Box 2448,Byo/22 Princess Pk Mansion,L.Takawira & S.Parirenyatwa PABX 043
 29 NZ Telecoms  13th-14th 1st Ave,Exhibition Park, Harare RAD 003
 30 Morden Investments P/L  Number 10 Conager Road,Waterfalls,Harare RAD 006
 31 Motcomm  Shop No.6 Farm-A-Rama Complex,112 Chicago Drive,Marondera RAD 004
 32 Mtpex Systems  12 Wimbledon Drive,Eastlea, Harare PABX 050
 33 Multichoice Zimbabwe  P Bag A6135,Avondale/20 King George Rd,Avondale RAD 047
 34 Mustek Electronics P/L  P O Box MP 402,Mt Pleasant,Harare PABX 056
 35 Mutare Radio Communications  65 4th Street Wallers Building, Mutare RAD 033
 36 NDV Technologies P/L  P O Box AC 905,Ascot,Bulawayo RAD 078
 37 Nhachfords Enterprises Pvt Ltd  Suite 1,Borrowsdale Flats,60 S.Parirenyatwa,Bulawayo PABX 091
 38 P M Communications P/L  60 Cork Road,Avondale,Harare RAD 082
 39 P R Systems  34 Fisher Ave,Borrowdale,Harare RAD 010
 40 Packetel P/L  P O Box 692,Harare PABX 026
 41 Phone World P/L  2nd Floor Ramjis Complex,Cnr 10th Street & R.Mugabe Rd,Bulawayo PABX 024
 42 Power Hen Communications P/L  23 Shafpsburg Ave,Queensdale,Harare RAD 029
 43 Radio Communications Systems  120 Mutare Road,Harare RAD 084
 44 Span Investments  Stand No.34C Zim Agricultural Show Society,Samora Machel Ave,Hre PABX 025
 45 Radio Solutions  1st Floor Travel Plaza,Cnr Mazoe/Chinamano Ave,Harare RAD 086

Redmark Services  P/L

t/a Stemmagnetics

 2 Bradfield Road,Hillside,Harare/P O Box EH22,Emerald Hill,Harare PABX096
 47 Ristar Zimbabwe P/L  P O Box 750,Harare PABX 074
 48 Ryborne Investments Pvt Ltd  1 Armadale Road,Borrowdale,Harare, or Box BW 663,Borrowdale RAD 012
 49 Scorpion Engineering  20 Broadlands Road,Avondale,Harare RAD 037
 50 Shelbig Trading P/L  P O Box 7689,Harare PABX 081
 51 Solarcomm P/L  P O Box 4142,Bulawayo RAD 077
 52 Standard Global Communications  3rd Floor South Wing,Chiyedza Hse,Harare PABX 087
 53 Standard Telephones & Cables  14 Steven Drive,Msasa,Harare PABX 014
 54 Tantel Digital Communications  51 Livingstone Avenue,Harare RAD 075
 55 Telton Computers  141 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare PABX 073
 56 Timeless Communications  91 Holland Road,Vic Falls RAD 027
 57 Twintronix  9 Ludlow Road,Highlands,Harare RAD089
 58 Vista Communications  28 Seke Road,Harare RAD 009
 59 Wicomm Communications P/L  1809 Mainway Meadows,Waterfalls,Harare RAD 064
 60 Zambezi Communications & Electronic Systems P/L  Stand 4682 Chinotimba,Victoria Falls RAD 035

Zeg Communications


298 Rumsey Rd,Industrial Site,

Vic Falls

RAD 005

Types of Licenses

a)      Public Switched Telephone Network Licenses.

Under this category POTRAZ have only licenced one company which is TelOne.

b)     Public Cellular Telecommunications Network Licenses.

Currently only three companies have obtained this licence in Zimbabwe. These are Econet, Net One and Telecel.

c)      Internet Access Provider (IAP) licences.

These are grouped into class A and class B categories,

Class A –This category has got more than ten Internet Access providers. Among the ten include TelOne, Liquid, Powertel, Telecontract, Africom, Aquiva and Aptics,)

Class B -This category has got only one Government Institution which is Net One.

d)      Postal General licences.

Like public switched network licence only one company in Zimbabwe have got Postal

General Licence .This Company is called Zimpost.

e)      Commercial Courier Licences

This category has got both domestic and international courier licences.

Companies which fall under this category include: DHL, Courier Connect and FEDEX.                              

f)      Private Network licences

These are given to private Organisations such as Banks and Non-Governmental    organisations in Zimbabwe.

g)      Private Mobile Radios

These include (VHF, HF, Aircraft, Ship, and Amateur)

 What are the general requirements for one to obtain a public license?

·         The applicant must be a locally registered company.

·         Local shareholding must be more than 50%.

·         Foreign shareholding should not exceed 49%.

·         Applicants must provide strong financial capability – Proof of funds and cash flow analysis for 5 years required.

·         Applicants should have technical capabilities to rollout services – CVs for top project team/management required. 

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  • ITU celebrated its 150th anniversary on 17 May 2015, marking a long and illustrious history in cutting edge communication technologies

  • POTRAZ commemorates the following internationally recognised events: Girls in ICT Day, World Telecommunication & Information Society Day and World Post Day

  • POTRAZ runs the International Letter Writing Competition

  • POTRAZ is responsible for ensuring that all people in Zimbabwe are adequately provided with Postal and telecommunication services.

  • POTRAZ gives back to the community through a number of life changing initiatives.

  • POTRAZ took steps such as compelling consumers to register their sim cards to prevent harassment of Zimbabwean Citizens by criminals

  • To promote the development of postal and telecommunication systems and services in accordance with practicable recognised international standards and public demand

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